Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dankbar Donnerstag: Aus Heizöl!

Aren't they pretty?
Spring has slowly been approaching us here in Germany. Crocuses are blooming and the tulip leaves are up. There are a couple of trees in our yard that are just starting to flower. So, I've been turning the heat down bit by bit in the house. I like it cold. DH likes it warmer. (I blame it on his skinniness.)

It was fairly cool this morning, enough so that it work both DH and I up this morning. I got up at five, and he followed about forty-five minutes later. DH was complaining about being cold and said he was going to turn up the heat. Fine.

He turned up the heat and then tried to take a shower. The water never got warm. So, we went down to check the furnace.

German homes are heated a variety of ways. Some places have natural gas, like a lot of places in the States. Some places have electric heat. Our place, like some others, uses heating oil. It's great when you have it, but once you are out, you're out. This morning, turning the radiators up didn't work because we were out of oil. I measured the oil a few weeks back (our gauge is broken), and we still had some, but apparently with the cold spell last month, we went through the remaining faster than expected.

It was chilly this morning!
We haven't filled the oil yet, so we didn't know where to go to get more. We knew there was somewhere close, but weren't sure where. The only place we could find a website for in our town didn't have a local number listed. So, we finally drove over there. They were able to schedule delivery for between ten and eleven. We had to pay in cash, but thankfully we had that much in our bank account and it was just a matter of calling our bank and extended the ATM withdrawal limit for the day.

I left (I had a once a month meeting that I really wanted to go to.) and DH stayed home to wait. When I got back here at about two this afternoon, he was still here. The "between ten and eleven" delivery showed up at one thirty. It's annoying, but that happens all the time in the States too.

So, today what I am thankful for is that my husband and I can work together to solve problems that come up. I am also thankful that DH is understanding that I want to have a life and is willing to miss work to fill in when I can't. Along those lines, I'm thankful that his job right now is flexible enough for him to do this. And I'm thankful that we can call our bank and they will work with us right away.

CD 18, 5 dp trigger

I put a link in for our bank, because they have been great to us. USAA is a bank that is for military members and their families. If a relative of yours has served in the military, or if you have served, it's worth taking a look at what they have to offer. They have always been great at working with us. I highly recommend them.

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