Friday, June 26, 2015


Bee is officially 2.5. Amazing. Driving me crazy on a regular basis. Starts German kindergarten in 67 days.

Last Friday I went to a specialist in Nuremberg for further fertility treatment. I had a big, fat 22.5 mm follie, so he popped that baby with a trigger shot. I'm supposed to pick up some FSH to start using if I have another cycle, or if I do not bleed, go in for a blood test 6 July.

I have mixed feelings about having another one. I grew up an only child, so I can see the positives of that, as well as the negatives. I always wanted a sibling. But on the side of being the parent, I am almost free. Bee is potty trained. She can dress herself, feed herself. She's even occasionally helpful by doing things like putting her laundry in her basket upstairs or helping to load the dishwasher. Having another baby means that I will be back to square one. Diapers and spit up and waking up four times a night.

I'm still giving it until September, but I could totally be content with the life we have now.