Friday, March 2, 2012

I Love Lucy

I really do love Lucy. I remember as a kid watching I Love Lucy on Nick at Nite. There were other shows that were good, but Lucy got me laughing every time.

(Now they have Friends and That 70's Show on Nick at Nite. I may be getting some idea how old my parents felt while watching I Love Lucy.)

I think that the humor in those shows has staying power. Yes, the relationship between Lucy and Ricky isn't one that we would look at for an example of a good marriage. Yes, there is a strange dynamic between the two that reminds me of a father and daughter. But, the physical comedy and a lot of the jokes are still funny. After 50 + years, that's really saying something.

I'm rewatching all of the I Love Lucy shows via Netflix. I'm on the very last disk now. It's interesting to watch the progression of Lucy and Ricky's relationship. I wonder how much influence Lucille and Desi's own marriage had on the show, or if the show influenced their marriage.

Anyway, I just love that show. I love all the crazy situations that Lucy gets herself into and that Ethel is always there to help her out, and Fred sometimes too. I love a happy ending and that's something you can count on with Lucy.

CD 5

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