Monday, April 16, 2012

Socken und Graduierung oder socks and graduation

Sometime during my last two week wait, I was catching up on some blogs when I stumbled across this post by Cristy. It suggested a sock exchange. I signed up and Lou at Syringe Sisters was assigned to send socks to me, and I sent socks to babysocks2008. Last week, DH came home with a package from Lou. This is what was in it. (Except for the flowers. Those don't ship well from the States.) So cute! The card made me tear up and I have been wearing the socks around the house.

Today the long socks came with me on my last appointment with Herr Doktor. He checked everything out. I'm still spotting, but he said that's okay and just to come in if there's any problem before I get under OB care. The blob is 10.7 mm now.

I have officially graduated. I wish I had a mortarboard to throw! Now I  start jumping through the hoops with Tricare to start my OB care. These are hoops that I'm glad to be jumping through.


  1. Hey...I know those socks!!! I'm beyond thrilled to hear that you're being released to your OB! So exciting.

    I received my gifts and sweet card this week...just in time for bed rest. I'm in love with the socks and the scarf couldn't be more me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    BTW...can't believe the post about Burt's Bees. When I was grabbing the spring-ish nail file, I thought about throwing Burt's Bees in too. But it would've been the minty I'm intrigued by the honey flavor!!!

    1. I'm going to be wearing those socks on Monday!

      Glad you liked the socks and scarf. I hope your bed rest is going well. It sounds like you are catching up on your entertainment. That sounds like a good thing to do with bed rest.

      The Burt's funny. The mint is okay, but the honey is really my favorite. If you haven't tried it and you like honey it's worth getting a stick.