Friday, April 20, 2012

Frivol Freitag oder Frivolous Friday: Duck Grass

I lived in Montana growing up. It's kind of a rural area, so you find different ways to have fun. One of the things that I remember doing was playing with duck grass. Duck grass, or quack grass is a broad leafed grass that has little barbs on one side of the leaf. If you put a piece of grass between your thumbs and blow, you can make a sort of quacking sound.
(I couldn't find any videos of people playing duck grass, so here's some quacking from actual ducks instead.)

I haven't used duck grass in years, but when I was out for my run this morning, I went past a whole field of it. I couldn't resist, so I plucked off a piece of grass and took it home with me.

When I got home I serenaded my cats with the duck grass. They stopped whining for food, put their ears back in startled astonishment and stared at me with wide, terrified eyes. I laughed so hard I got the hiccups.

It's fun to do things that hearken back to childhood every now and then. And to annoy your pets.


  1. I grew up in Illinois and we used to whistle through grass too. I never heard it called Duck Grass though. Thanks for bringin back childhood memories. Have a great day!

    1. I figured Montana wasn't the only place that's done. Glad you enjoyed the post.