Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dankbar Donnerstag oder Thankful Thursday: My husband's sense of humor

My husband is hilarious. He's in the States this week for work and I asked him to bring a few things back. Whenever someone you know goes to the States, you always send a shopping list because there are things that you just can't get here. Like Burt's Bees lip balm.

I know, I can't believe it either. Well, I can believe that I can't find Burt's Bees. What floored me is that Amazon wouldn't ship it over. I like the honey flavor the best. I asked my mom to get some and she sent the peppermint, which I knew she would, but I was just happy to get some. 

So, DH was sent to the States with the warning, "Come back with my lip balm or else!" He got a chance to go shopping yesterday and this is the message I got this morning regarding the shopping trip.

*Edited slightly to maintain privacy*

Nobody I talked to had ever heard of the brand *sunscreen I wanted*, but let me tell you the saga of Burt, his Bees, and his crazy honey obsession. 

So I go to the mall. This huge mall that's supposedly the biggest mall in Iowa. I weep for the rest of Iowa if that is the case. Our mall in *Montana town* was bigger. I found nothing. Not a single thing on my list . So I ask somebody for directions to Target. Surely Target will have something. They had the *other thing I wanted*, but apparently Burt and his Bees didn't feel that Target was worthy of honey. Just peppermint and pomegranate. So I got a pomegranate. 

Honey goodness
Then I got directions to the Evil Empire (Walmart). Alas, if Burt and his elusive Bees forswore to grace Target with honey, he definitely wasn't going to deign to bestow it upon the Evil Empire. Just more evil peppermint. I walked out empty handed but with directions to a grocery store. I walk in and find the lip balm section and Burt is quietly absent. In dejection I make my way back out and catch a glimpse of honeycomb out of the corner of my eye. Burt and his elusive Bees felt this store was so worthy it deserved an entire half row of pure honey products. In ecstasy I grabbed six and made my way to the register. The cashier told me I was lucky, Burt and his elusive Bees sell out quickly.

May this stockpile of honey goodness grudgingly bestowed upon you by Burt and his elusive Bees last you and your lips until your return to the world of American consumerism. 

I read this and just started laughing. That guy is so fun to be married to. He always surprises me.