Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meine zarten Zustand oder my delicate condition

DH and I have been referring to the state I'm in as my "delicate condition." I'm still not comfortable with the p word. It's been kind of a joke because I have never thought of myself as delicate. I have never broken a bone since I have the skeletal structure of a Russian beet farmer's wife. I rarely get sick. I never throw up, unless I have too much to drink, but that hasn't happened in quite a while.
This may or may not be a picture of me.
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Apparently though, my condition is more delicate than I realized. We have been helping some friends move the past few days. After about two hours, I am worn out. Any more than that, and I start cramping and lightly spotting. I am having to take it a little easier and make some changes. I still haven't really told anyone, so while I sat down and rested, the other people helping with the move looked at me wondering why I was slacking. 

I want to keep being active during this pr...phase of life, but also need to keep in mind that I am not the only one I am looking out for right now. I actually am in a somewhat delicate condition, much to my continued astonishment.

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