Friday, May 4, 2012

Dankbar Donnerstag: Ten things

Technically it's Friday here, but I was planning this before the clock turned over, so I'm saying Thursday. It's my blog, I can ignore time if I want to. In no particular order, here are ten things that I am thankful for today.

  1. Sunshine
  2. Bicycle paths
  3. Time with friends
  4. Greek yogurt
  5. Mom's surgery tomorrow
  6. Cat snoring next to me
  7. Having the bed to myself for almost a month
  8. That DH will be back next week
  9. "Jagged Little Pill" by Alanis Morissette 
  10. Fifty Shades of Grey for book club next month
After catching up on some blogs yesterday, I also am thankful for BFPs from Lou at Syringe Sisters and ADSChill at Missconception! Both of them have had long journeys and I'm glad they are finally getting those positive tests. 


  1. Thank you for your comment and shout-out! Congratulations to you and yay! for everyone being blessed right now.

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy for YOU, especially seeing what you have been through. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I would like to give you the One Lovely Blog Award. Head over to my blog for the details! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'll have to give it some thought. I'm thrilled!