Wednesday, December 12, 2012

überfällig oder overdue

I have hopes of seeing spawnette today, but they are diminishing with each minute that ticks by. I would love for her birthday to be 12/12/12, but I don't know if that's in the cards.

Before you give me any recommendations to help get her out, let's review what I'm doing.

  • Raspberry leaf tea three times a day for the last two or three weeks. 
  • Evening primrose oil three times a day orally and a vaginal dose some nights
  • Walking at least a half hour every day
  • Squats
  • PODO
  • Acupuncture
I have not done castor oil yet because I'm not really keen on starting off labor with explosive diarrhea. I am starting to consider it though.

I lost my mucus plug starting Monday night. Last night I started getting bloody show. I've been having some contractions, but not loads. It's just a waiting game. This morning I have to go to the hospital for the third time this week to do a non-stress test. Then back again tomorrow for another doctor's appointment. If we haven't had any more progress by tomorrow, I'm thinking that we will induce. Her birthday is going to be close to Christmas as it is and I don't want it to be right on top of that. Plus, I'd like to have any few extra days to recover I can get before we start moving on January 2nd.

So, more walking, more tea, more squats. It will be worth it, in the end.

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